I am a Brenau alumnus and I can no longer access TigerMail

Beginning June 15th, 2018, only current students can access TigerMail. This change is due to two factors.

1. Our conversion to a single sign-on portal
2. Google's Terms of Service have changed so that we can no longer offer email indefinitely to users who are no longer current students

The announcement of this fact was made back in April of this year and has been repeated several times. If you missed the deadline - we can still assist you by transferring all of your Tigermail email/documents to another Gmail account.

If you would like us to transfer your email and documents from your TigerMail account to a personal Gmail account, please email the Helpdesk (helpdesk@brenau.edu) requesting this be done. We will need the following information:

1. Your TigerMail email address
2. The Gmail email address (it must end in @gmail.com)
3. Your 6-digit StudentID (to authenticate your request)
4. Your birthdate (to authenticate your request)

When we initiate the process - it will send you a random CODE. You must email us back that code before the process will proceed.

While we can transfer your existing email and documents to a Gmail account, we cannot forward future emails to an outside address.

Creation date: 6/20/2018 5:21 AM (candrews@brenau.edu)      Updated: 9/1/2018 9:52 AM (candrews@brenau.edu)
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