I am not a current Brenau student and I can no longer access TigerMail or CampusWEB

Beginning June 15th of 2018, Tiger email was tied to a Single Sign-On page to meet new federal regulations and a mandate from Google to deactivate non-active student accounts.  This policy change means that only active students have access to Tiger email as non-active students are deactivated and email is bounced back to the sender.

Brenau IT sent out notifications to former students beginning in March of 2018  to notify them of this change to the Tiger email system. Non-students were encouraged to use Google Takeout to transfer their email to a personal Gmail account prior to having their accounts deactivated. Since March of 2018 all active students have been alerted that they must transfer Tiger email to a personal Gmail account prior to stopping enrollment at Brenau if the wish to keep any Tiger email or Google Drive contents.

Tiger accounts CAN NOT be reactivated for the purpose of recovering security codes if the student used theirTiger email as a recovery option for other Internet services.

Non-active students can still access their student records on CampusWEB by going to Alumni portal at http://campus.brenau.edu .  You will need to enter your 6-digit student ID and PIN to log in.  ID and PIN recovery options are located at the bottom of the login page.

Creation date: 6/20/2018 5:21 AM      Updated: 6/2/2020 9:29 AM