Preparing for a Computer Replacement

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Preparing for a
Computer Refresh

From time to time it may be necessary to refresh or upgrade your computer software and/or hardware.  Before the Brenau IT Department can perform a refresh on your computer, it is necessary to make sure that all the files and documents you want saved are properly backed up.  This document goes over the steps that you need to perform before turning in your computer for a refresh.

S: Drive

The S: Drive contains shared department files.  This is a network drive with your departments shared files and folders.  There is nothing you need to do to preserve these files. When you receive your refreshed computer back, it will be mapped to the S: Drive and you will once again have access to all of your shared department files.

Z: Drive

The Z: Drive contains personal files on that are stored on a Brenau server located on main campus.  You do not have to do anything to these files to back them up. If you have more recent versions of these files that you work with on a daily basis, they should be copied back to the Z: Drive.  After your computer is refreshed, you will be able to access the Z: Drive once again and all your files will be available.

Google Chrome Web Browser

Your default web browser should be Google Chrome.  To make sure that all of your bookmarks, extensions, history, passwords, and more are saved, you need to make sure that you are signed in and that you are syncing to your Google profile.  To start, click on your picture or initials and verify that your account is syncing. If it says “paused”, sign-in to your Brenau account to make sure that all of your settings are saved.

Firefox, Edge & Internet Explorer Bookmarks

The best way to backup bookmarks and favorites that you may have saved in another web browser is to import them into Google Chrome.

To import bookmarks from other web browsers, click on your photo (from previous step).  This will open up the Settings page in Google Chrome. Next click on Import Bookmarks & Settings.  An “Import Bookmarks...”window will pop open where you can choose which web browser bookmarks you want to backup.

Google Drive File Stream

The original Google Drive file syncing program was discontinued in 2018.  It was replaced with two products, Google Drive File Stream for enterprise networks, like Brenau and for personal use a program called Backup & Sync.  Both programs store your files in the Google Cloud which is accessible via web browser at  While your computer is being refreshed, you will still be able to retrieve and edit your files stored in Google Drive online.

To verify that your computer was upgraded to Google Drive File Stream last year, you will need to click on the
Start button and then type the word “drive” in your search box.  You should see Drive File Stream listed in the results of the search.


The photos are of Windows 10 and Windows 7 computer menu.  If you are having problems verify that Google Drive File Stream is installed on your computer please call the Help Desk during regular business hours for assistance.

If you do not have Google Drive File Stream installed on your computer, you can install it yourself without calling the Help Desk.  Simply search for “Software Center” in the programs on your computer and launch it.

Once the Software Center program is open, place a checkmark next to Google Drive File Stream and then click Install in the lower right hand corner of the program window.  Google Drive File Stream will install in the background. You will see several boxes temporality open and close as the program installs. Don’t worry this is normal. Once the program finishes installing, it will open up a Google Sign-In page.  You need to enter your Brenau email address and click next. You will then be prompted to sign-in to the Brenau SSO portal.

Once installation and sign-in is completed, you will see a new icon in File Explorer (Windows Explorer).  The new Google Drive File Stream, no longer is a folder on your computer, rather a virtual network drive.

Clicking on your new G: Drive will reveal two virtual folders: 1) your personal Google Drive where all you cloud files and documents are stored,  2) a new team drive that will eventually replace the S: Drive.


One big difference that surprises some people is that if for some reason the Google Drive program does not start up when their computer starts, there will be a question mark beside G: Drive and their files will not be accessible.  That is because your files and folders are not stored on your computer, but are actually in the Google Drive cloud. Fixing this problem is simple, just search for Google Drive File Stream in your program folder and launch it. Wait for about 1-minute and you should see all your files and folders under G: Drive once again.

Once you have Google Drive File Stream installed and running, make sure that all the files that you want available on your new computer are copied into the G: Drive.  If you move a large number of files into G: Drive all at once, it may take a few minutes for it to upload all the files, so make sure you leave your computer on and connected to the Internet so Google Drive File Stream has an opportunity to upload all your files.

By clicking on the “up chevron” next to the time on your desktop, you should be able to see the Google Drive icon.  Clicking on it will show the progress of sync process.

The Google Drive icon in the taskbar is also a good way to verify that Google Drive is running if you are having problems access the G: Drive icon in File Explorer.


Make sure that all files on your Desktop, Documents, Downloads, Music and Pictures folders that you want to saved and available on your refreshed computer are copied into your G: Drive before turning it in.

Once all your files are copied and synced on Google Drive File Stream G: Drive, you can move files around in the folders from either the network drive folder on your computer or by signing into your Google Drive online at

Removing USB Devices

Make sure that you remove any USB dongles from your computer before turning it in.  Dongles may be used with wireless keyboards and/or mice. Keep these devices safe until you get your refreshed computer back from the IT Department.

Accessing Your Information from Another Computer

The advantage of using Google G-Suite including Google Drive is that all your information is still available, even when you don’t have your own Brenau computer.  We recommend that you continue to use Google Team and personal Drive for storing your documents and files even after you get your computer back. That way they are accessible from any computer connected to the Internet.

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