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I would like to request access to CAMPUS? I need the form for approval to use Accuterm, MVQuery & CampusWEB?


The CAMPUS Module Approval Form is used to grant permissions to users that will use Accuterm, MVQuery or CampusWEB to access data in our CAMPUS database.


The forms necessary to gain access to Collegix and Sentry file are linked below:

Sentry File AGS Employees Access Request Form - https://brenau.formstack.com/forms/sentryfileags

Sentry File Brenau Employees Access Request Form - https://brenau.formstack.com/forms/sentryfile

SentryFile Form Video tutorial

Collegix/CAMPUS Access Request Form - https://brenau.formstack.com/forms/collegixform

Collegix Form Video Tutorial

Additional Collegix resources & information can be found here: https://sites.google.com/a/brenau.edu/collegix/about

When a form that you filled out has been signed by all appropriate managers, permissions will be granted and a follow-up email will be sent to requesting manager and user to confirm creation of permissions. These forms are kept on file and reviewed annually by outside auditors. A permissions audit will be sent to each module manager bi-yearly to confirm that all users' permissions are valid.

If you are an AGS employee the additional New Hire and Confidentiality Agreement forms do need to be filled out (attached below) and provided with the rest of these forms if you need access to CampusWEB and SentryFile cabinets and other Brenau student information.

Thank you for your cooperation.

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Confidentiality Agreement_rev. 15.docx
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How to use Sentry File.pptx
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New Hire Information Form.pdf
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