Where can I get information about CAMPUS / CampusWEB related errors, known issues, and system status

This knowledge base article has been designed to provide you with the latest technical information about Brenau's CAMPUS / CampusWEB System. Our technical team posts updates and changes to the information regularly. We encourage you to use the subscription feature and register to get emails whenever this article changes. The link is on the right side of the screen.
Note: Other tools to access the CAMPUS database include CampusWEB, AccuTerm, MVQuery & HostAccess. This system status will include known issues and planned outages/upgrades for those systems as well.

System Status
02/14/12 CAMPUS GUI modules are now working fine.
02/14/12 - 10:15 AM CAMPUS's GUI interface in Accuterm is encountering an error and has been reported to the vendor. You will see the message: ""Program ""*athena*DB"": Line 266, Improper data type"" when trying to get into GUI menus. We will udpate you as soon as it is corrected. RESOLVED 10:40 AM
12/12/11 2:55 PM - CampusWEB is having technical issues. We are working to restore services.
11/11/11 - 1:21 PM - CampusWEB continues to have technical issues.We are working to restore services.A notice will be sent out again when services are restored.
9/21/11 10:39AM - CampusWEB problem. Users attempts to log in will result in this Log In Error: Error! No output was returned by the database server. RESOLVED 11:24 AM
7/21/11 10:00AM - CampusWEB problem with parent access area. Pin assignment by student for parent is returning an error that the pin should be unique no matter what is typed. Aptron is looking at the error and will update us when this is corrected. Resolved 10:13AM

Planned Outages/Upgrades
Sunday Nov 14, 2010 - Do not access CAMPUS through MVQuery & AccuTerm/HostAccess - Registrar staff will be running a student cross reference file rebuild. CampusWEB access okay.

Known Issues
Date Documented
Effected Area
Support Article
08.11.10 CAMPUS AWEB server reboot required due to system problem - made CAMPUS unavailable for about 5 - 10 minutes

11.29.10 CampusWEBCampusWEB down. Necessary changes to our IWEB server have removed access to CampusWEB for at least 20 minutes.cell
02.01.11 CAMPUSWe are currently experiencing very slow processing in CAMPUS. We are in the process of trying to determine and how to correct this problem. We will update everyone with the resolution as soon as we can.
07.21.11 CampusWEBProblem detected with Parent Access area. When adding pin for parent access it requests a unique pin when pin is already a unique string of characters. Aptron is looking at this error and will alert us when it is corrected. Resolved on the same day.
12/14/12 Accuterm Accuterm GUI interface update causing an error won't allow access to GUI modules - due to install by Aptron - Resolved in a half hour.