What makes the Canvas calendar so special?

What makes the Canvas calendar so special?
Because the Calendar in Canvas has amazing features that allow for interactivity like you have never seen before! One of the challenges facing both students and teachers is keeping track of all of the assignments planned throughout the term. Teachers are teaching multiple courses and students are learning in multiple courses. Every class has its own timeline for when things need to be done. The Calendar in Canvas makes it easy for teachers and students to keep track of upcoming assignments. If the need arises, the Calendar makes it easy for teachers to change the due date for any given Assignment. They simply drag the event from one day to another. Canvas automatically sends an Announcement out to the entire class, notifying students of the date change. Generally speaking, the Calendar is used for reminding students of graded Assignments with specific due dates and not for describing upcoming events, such as the topic of an upcoming class lecture. To provide students with detailed descriptions of how synchronous class time will be used, consider using Pages or customizing the Course Home Page. Remember that the Calendar automatically syncs with other features in Canvas, such as Assignments, Syllabus, and Grades, so if you create or change the due date of an Assignment on the Calendar, it will show up in all the others and vice versa. The Calendar in Canvas is a global feature, meaning you can see all of your assignments from all of your courses in one place. If your Calendar becomes too crowded, you can filter the number of events listed on your Calendar by selecting or deselecting courses in the Sidebar on the right.
Locate Calendar Link
To view the Calendar, click on the��Calendar��link.
After clicking on the Calendar link, you will see the Calendar Month with the events [1], the mini Calendar [2], and the Calendars for the courses [3].
When would I use the Calendar?
Use the Calendar to quickly add Assignments to a blank course. Fill in the details of those Assignments later.Use the Calendar to adjust the dates of Assignments that have been imported from previous terms. Canvas makes it easy to drag and drop events across multiple months.Use the Calendar to copy the iCal feed for all of your courses and add it to your preferred personal Calendar.
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