Why do the lab computers seem to load slow?

The computers in the Redwine Technology Lab and in "kiosk" locations throughout campus are loaded with a rich variety of software. This software requires updates or additional installs from time to time. Given Brenau's need to support all of these applications the hardware will react accordingly and within manufacturers specification when it comes to operating system load times.

If you boot a computer and see it is installing software we encourage you to use another computer that is already on if you need to quickly access or print information. Please let the machine you started to continue to "load".These loads are kept at a minimum by IT, but have to be deployed when necessary.

As always we encourage our users to treat the equipment with care and respect as they are vital the success of many of our programs here at Brenau and keeping them in normal working order is beneficial to all of us. Since these machines are used by many people in a day we have to remind our users to frequently save their work to USB devices as system failures can happen at anytime in a "lab" environment.