When I click on an email address, my computer attempts to load Outlook instead of Google Mail. Can this be fixed?

In order to make all Mailto: links work and launch in Google mail a Protocol Handler setting has to be changed to Allow google mail to be the default for opening all email links.
You will need to first be logged into Google Mail and in your inbox. On the top right side of your browser, look for the double diamonds noted below in the image next to the star. You will need to click on them and click the option to Allow mail.google.com to open all email links. Then click done. After you do this the Active Protocol Handler area under Advanced Settings will show the "mail.google.com" site.
In addition, for users of CampusWEB, please note this will allow the mail to with bcc for My Roster, My Advisees and Housing Report Email All Occupants to work correctly. This will also allow email links in Accuterm to launch in google mail.