I'm having a hard time selecting what kind of laptop or PC I want to purchase because Im not sure what I need for it to work on campus.

Below are our current recommended minimum specs. Anything at this level or above should be acceptable.

Computer Recommendations:
IBM-compatible PCs
Intel Processors: Pentium Duel Core 2.1GHz or Higher
AMD Processors: AMD Duel Core 2.1GHz or Higher
Memory:3GB RAM or More
Hard Drive:120GB or More
Optical Drive: DVD+-R/CD-RW Combo
Sound: Sound Card w/Speakers
Wireless: 801.11b/g
Operating System: Windows XP or Windows 7
Productivity: Microsoft Office 2007
Internet Browser: Interent Explorer 8.0 or Later
Apple Macintosh Computers
Processors: Power Mac G5
Processors: iMac G5
Processors: mac Mini G5
Memory: 2GB RAM or higher
Hard Drive: 120GB or More
Optical Drive: DVD-R/CD-RW Combo
Wireless: Airport Extreme Wireless Network Card
Productivity: Microsoft Office 2008 for Mac
Operating System: MacOS X 10.5 or 10.6