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How do I access my faculty or staff computer remotely?

Brenau Remote Access

Note: Your work computer MUST be powered on for this to work.

Requirements: Internet Explorer, Firefox, Safari, or Google Chrome. Any browser that supports HTML5 should work fine.

Step 1 - In order to access your computer remotely, you first need to determine the name of your computer. Usually this is printed on a white sticker attached to the top or the front of the computer. If you cannot locate it, you can determine the computer name by clicking the DOMAIN drop-down at the login page. The entry in the drop-down that is not ""BRENAU"" is the machine name. It is usually in the format XXXX-YYYY (where XXXX is Your username or department name and YYYY is the 4-digit asset tag number). Be sure to enter your COMPLETE machine name when logging in -  (Example: "WHEELER-1234" )

Step 2 - Once you have this information and you are away from your work computer (i.e. at home or on the road), just navigate to https://remote.brenau.edu:8443 and log into the system. Your username and password will be your standard Brenau NETWORK login credentials (what you use when you log into your computer).

Step 3 - You will then see two icons - one for Virtual Lab (which would log you into our lab environment) or click the blue plus sign to make a connection to your on campus work computer.  

Step 4 - You will be prompted for your computer name (Address field), username, and password to the remote system. 

Step 5 - You should automatically be connected to your Brenau computer and can use the computer as if you were logged on locally.

Here's a video showing the complete process:
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