How do I access my faculty or staff computer remotely?

Brenau Remote Access

Note: Your work computer MUST be powered on for this to work.
There are two separate methods for enabling remote access to your Brenau computer:

Method 1 - Remote Desktop via Browser

Requirements: Internet Explorer, Firefox, Safari, or Google Chrome. Any browser that supports HTML5 should work fine.

Step 1 - In order to access your computer remotely, you first need to determine the name of your computer. Usually this is printed on a white sticker attached to the top or the front of the computer. If you cannot locate it, you can determine the computer name by clicking the DOMAIN drop-down at the login page. The entry in the drop-down that is not ""BRENAU"" is the machine name. It is usually in the format XXXX-YYYY (where XXXX is the building and YYYY is the 4-digit asset tag number). Be sure to enter your COMPLETE machine name when logging in - that includes the at the end. (Example: """" would be the complete machine name)

Step 2 - Once you have this information and you are away from your work computer (i.e. at home or on the road), just navigate to and log into the system. Your username and password will be your standard Brenau NETWORK login credentials (what you use when you log into your computer).

Step 3 - You will then see two icons - one for RDSFarm1 (which would log you into our lab environment) or click the blue arrow at the left-middle of the page to proceed to the ad-hoc connection page if you want to access your work computer.

Step 4 - You will be prompted for your computer name (from Step 1), username, and password to the remote system.

Step 5 - You should automatically be connected to your Brenau computer and can use the computer as if you were logged on locally.

Here's a video showing the complete process:

Method 2 - Remote Desktop Gateway via RDP Client

Also - here is a video showing the above steps and an alternate method that uses the Windows RDP client. Please note the RDP gateway name is (not as it may show in the video)