My password has expired or is about to expire. How do I change it?

As a reminder, in accordance with audit regulations Brenau is required to set an expiration cycle for your network password. This password reset is due every 120 days. Please note auditing regulations have also required our institution to enforce password complexity. This means your password has to be a minimum 6 characters long and MUST CONTAIN 3 of the following 4 character types (numbers, lower case letters, upper case letters, special characters i.e !@#$%^&*()_=-). In addition your password MUST NOT contain any portion of your user name or be any of the 5 past passwords you have used.

How to change your password:
ON CAMPUS (Gainesville, Atlanta, East Campus, Augusta, etc.) ---------------
If you are on campus.Login as normal. After your computer comes up press ""ctrl +alt+ delete"". Select the ""change password"" option.

Complete the information requested:
-Your NEW PASSWORD twice and following the complexity rules above.
The software will tell you if you meet the criteria. Please note if your password has expired your Z drive may challenge you for a password. In this case please log off and attempt to log in. The system will stop you and ask you for a new password.

OFF CAMPUS (Home Users) ----------------
If you are off campus please log into

Complete the pop-up window:
-Domain = brenau
-Account = Your User Name
-Then enter your OLD PASSWORD
-Then enter Your NEW PASSWORD twice and following the complexity rules