Word processing document looks okay on screen but messy/unaligned when printed. How do I fix this?

Check that Page Setup is on A4.���� You may be using a non-postscript font (e.g.. New York and Chicago). This may occur if you are using fonts which the printer does not recognize. Select the whole document and choose either Times, Palatino, Helvetica, Courier, Bookman (or any other Postscript font etc.)���� Ensure that you use tabs, margins and justification to align text vertically and not multiple spaces. (It may help to click on the � option.)���� First, close all of the Microsoft applications (programs) you may be using.Your normal.dot template may be corrupted.�� To fix this:
Click on ""Start"" Click on ""Search"" or ""Find"" Click on ""Files or folders"", in the textbox type:�� normal.dot In the ""Look in"" box, select Local harddrives c: Click on ""Search now"" or ""Find now"" When the file appears in the window, select it and delete it. Be sure to empty your recycle bin on your desktop.��