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My student TigerMail Account Has Been Deactivated and I Need Important Emails

Student TigerMail accounts are for the express use of communicating with Brenau Faculty and Staff and should never be used to store personal communications of importance because accounts are deactivated two semesters after the last class is taken.  Many notices of this policy are posted on portals like http://my.brenau.edu and http://intranet.brenau.edu (see attachments).

Only emails that were sent to your TigerMail account while you were a student are transferable because emails that are sent to deactivated TigerMail accounts is bounced back to the sender. This means that you can not recover security codes for other accounts that you linked to your TigerMail account.

If you are needing to recover emails that relate to your student activities at Brenau, you may request that your TigerMail and Google Drive docs be transferred to personal Gmail account. Your request will be reviewed and approved or denied by the Vice President of Technology and Cheif Security Officer. Only requests that are complete and detailed will be considered.

To make application for Google Takeout transfer of your TigerMail emails and Google Drive docs complete the follwoing form:

Creation date: 6/2/2020 11:07 AM (gwhite@brenau.edu)      Updated: 10/20/2020 11:38 AM (rmoore3@brenau.edu)
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