Printing Issues - September 2021 - Rolling Fix

10/15/2021 UPDATE

Windows 10 users and administrators report wide scale network printing issues after installing the KB5006670 cumulative update and other updates released this week.

On Tuesday, Microsoft released Windows updates to fix bugs and security vulnerabilities as part of the October 2021 Patch Tuesday.

These updates include KB5006674 for Windows 11, KB5006670 for Windows 10 2004, 20H1, and 21H1, KB5006667 for Windows 10 1909, and KB5006714 for Windows 8.

Microsoft Printer Manager Vulnerabilities

Vulnerabilities have been discovered in Microsoft Print Manager that is installed on all Microsoft Windows computers that would allow a hacker to take over a laptop, desktop or server running Microsoft Windows.

As Microsoft releases patches in an attempt to close this vulnerability, they are breaking the ability to install drivers, update drivers and print to network devices.

At the current time the best was to resolve issues with not being able to print is to make sure that all Microsoft Updates have been installed on the computer.

Below are instructions for manually running Windows Update:

How To Update Windows

You may experience all types of strange computer problems from Windows software being out of date.

Close all programs
Restart your computer
Please go to Settings > Update & Security
Click on Check for Updates button
Wait for the check to finish and then click the Install button
You will see that some patches are being installed and they will disappear from the list
**If Windows reports any problems with the updates before, during, or after the update, restart the computer and start the process again.**
You will note that other updates will say Pending Restart
Leave the window open and continue working on your daily tasks
Check periodically to see if the computer needs to be restarted
The Restart button will appear when all remaining updates will say Pending Restart
After your computer restarts and you login, please go to Settings > Update & Security again
Click on Check for Updates button
Repeat the process until you are told that there are no updates after clicking Check for Updates button

Note:  If you computer reports that it is up to date when you do the first check, please restart and check again

If you need additional help, please call the Helpdesk at 770-538-4774 for assistance.

Creation date: 9/17/2021 8:54 AM      Updated: 10/15/2021 4:31 PM