Can I use a Smart TV, Roku, or Google Chromecast in my room?

Unfortuantely most streaming devices do not support WPA2-Enterprise which is the type of wireless network we have at the university.

Most of these devices are designed for home use and therefore will not function in an enterprise-level environment. The same goes for Amazon Fire Stick and any other device which can only communicate over a wireless connection.

If you wish to have streaming content in your room, we recommend you purchase a device that has a "wired" network connection so that you can plug it in. All rooms include at least one network jack for this purpose. Known working wired devices include Roku Premiere Plus (the model with the wired connection), Xbox One/360, PS4, Wii, AppleTv, Smart TVs, and others with a wired network port. See the attached photos for an example of how to connect your device to the wired network.
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