How do we change the number of licenses assigned to CAMPUS users vs. CampusWEB users?

Log into Accuterm
Access TCL from any CAMPUS account.
For instance from CAMPUS.HDS or the Help Desk Module, type TCL at the prompt
Next type at the caret: ED CONTROL MAX.USERS (in upper case)
The caret will change to ----:
Press enter again to see the current CAMPUS licenses assigned to CAMPUS users.
It should look something like this:

----: 0001: 34 Bottom at line 1. ----:
Where the cursor is flashing next to the 2nd ----: type R ## - the two pound signs need to be the number of licenses you want to change it to from what's already on line 0001:
If you do not wish to make changes hold ctrl-C and type A.
If you choose to type R ##, press enter next and then type FI to file your changes.