How do I show my Student Photo ID on the Brenau mobile app?

The Brenau mobile app has a feature to allow you to display your photo ID in a fully electronic manner and even includes the barcode. To access it. first click on the icon called "Brenau ID" in the Brenau app (which you can download from the App Store or Google Play).

Then you can enter your LAST NAME (as it appears in the student directory) and your 6-digit Brenau ID. After that, your ID will be displayed. Please note that if you have no picture, you can add one yourself in CampusWEB in the student directory. There is an upload feature there to allow you to add a photo of your choice that will show on the CampusWEB directory and in the Brenau mobile app.

Creation date: 9/7/2017 10:27 AM      Updated: 1/8/2024 2:37 PM