What are some tips for using Virtru?

Virtru is an email add-on that will enable you to send and receive encrypted messages using your Brenau Google account.

Here's a few comments/suggestions for using Virtru:

1. Be sure to use Google Chrome. Currently - they only support the Google Chrome browser for plugins (although they are developing one for Microsoft Edge)

2. If you're going to send someone an encrypted message, it's usually polite to warn them first. Sometimes it can be shocking if the person has never seen Virtru or other encryption products before.

3. It is recommended that you also enable "Email Expiration" if the content is very sensitive. This helps in case the recipient's email account is compromised in the future.

4. Be aware that you cannot send encrypted emails to a distribution list. All encrypted emails should be sent to individual email accounts (although you can put as many as you want in the TO/CC/BCC lines).

5. Please choose the encryption option BEFORE you type your email or add attachments.  This ensures the best possible experience and also prevents un-encrypted drafts from being saved.

6. If you are not sending any personally identifiable or otherwise sensitive information, please do not encrypt the email. Sending an encrypted email does force the receiver to perform additional steps so you could be inconveniencing them unnecessarily. That's just rude!

Additionally - here are some videos to get you started:


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