How do I use my new Vonage phone (brand name of phone is Yealink)?

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I configure my voicemail?

Your voicemail can be configured by dialing *100 (or pressing the button on the phone that looks like an envelope ). Your default voicemail PIN is 1234 (there is an option to change it on the voicemail menu under "mailbox options" - please do so immediately). Record your NAME GREETING, UNAVAILABLE GREETING AND BUSY GREETING ONLY.  Use your unavailable greeting when you are out of the office. If you record out of office greeting the help desk must disable on your return so do not record OUT OF OFFICE GREETING.

How do I transfer a call?

1.  Press the Tran soft phone key (buttons at the bottom if the display)
2.  Enter the 4-digit extension you wish to transfer the call to
3.  Press that Tran soft phone key again

How do I dial out?

You no longer need to enter "8" to dial out. Simply enter the number as you would on your cell phone.  After you enter the number you can wait a few seconds for it to dial for you or hit the "send" soft button to dial immediately.

Do I get a new phone number?

Your phone number is the same as on the previous system so there is no need to worry about number changes.

Do we have 4-digit dialing?  What is my extension?

Yes - and your extension is the same as on the old system as well.  Also - since we now have Vonage at all campuses, you are able to dial other campuses via 4-digit dialing as well.  Please note that you will not be able to dial people still on the old phone system via 4-digit dialing until they have ported to Vonage (and visa-versa).  Every person has their own individual 10-digit phone number and their extension is the last 4 digits of that number (or last 3 digits if your last 4 digits start with a zero).

How do I listen to my voicemail?

All voice mails you receive will be emailed to you and will also be available at the phone.  If you prefer to have voicemails deleted automatically after being emailed to you - please let us know at the Helpdesk.  

Why do I see my extension listed multiple times on my phone display?

You may see your extension listed multiple times on your display - that is completely normal. We can also add other lines to your display if needed so you can see if other people in your office are on the phone. Email the Helpdesk if you would like that feature.

What is DND?

The Do Not Disturb (DND) function rejects incoming calls automatically.(Incoming calls will be shows as "missed calls").

Your phone will not ring


To activate the DND-mode on your telephone:
- Push the DND soft key will enable the DND mode.

Your telephone is in DND mode as soon as the display shows either or . If the DND mode is activated, the caller will be IMMEDIATELY transferred to the target of the call forwarding "after time".

Should I do anything with the emails I receive from Vonage?

Please ignore any emails you may receive from Vonage when we establish your account. There is nothing you need to do or install.  The only important emails you should receive from Vonage will be your voicemails.

Users can forward their desk phones to any outside phone by pickup up the receiver (on the Yealink phone), dialing *72, and enter the 10 digit number of the receiving phone and then hang up. To disable, pick up the receiver, press *73, and hang up. You can also enter a Helpdesk ticket so the IT department can forward the phone for you by emailing  Remember that whatever method you use to enable the forwarding must be disabled using the same method.  In other words, if you contact the Helpdesk to enable the forwarding, you will need to contact the Helpdesk to disable it.  If you enable it via *72, you can only disable it by doing *73 on the same phone.

I have other questions that you didn't cover.

Most of the phone features are self-explanatory but if you need additional info a Yealink quick-start guide is also attached at the bottom of this page.

Conference Calling

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