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My account is disabled after taking time off or not attending at my scheduled start date. How can I re-activate my account?

Brenau automatically disables accounts after two terms of non-enrollment or when a scheduled start date is missed.  The form below can be used to request re-activation of your account if you are returning to the university.

Reactivation Request Form 

Use this form if you are a returning Brenau student and you have:

1) missed more than one semester of enrollment but less than two years 
- and -
2) not attended another institution
- and -
3) Your major is not nursing . Nursing students must reapply (for admission to Brenau) via www.brenau.edu/apply as well as the nursing department (for readmission to the nursing program ) after a lapse of enrollment.
– or – if you are a new Brenau student and will defer your start term to another term (students who defer past summer semester please contact the admissions office for re-evaluation as the catalog changes between summer and fall semester.)

If you believe this to be in error and are actively enrolled, please contact the Registrar at registrar@brenau.edu to determine why your account has been disabled.

Creation date: 11/13/2018 12:07 PM (candrews@brenau.edu)      Updated: 4/3/2020 7:59 AM (candrews@brenau.edu)