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How Do I Request A Name Change

Students, faculty and staff may experience a marriage or divorce during the time they are at Brenau, and they will want to have their name updated on Brenau platforms.

NOTE:  This document is in the process of being updated ...


We can change the display name (the name users will see on the email) to your new name but the email address cannot be changed because it contains your username which would affect your ability to access multiple systems. In addition to changing your ability to login to multiple systems, changing email address will cause you to lose emails going to the old address.  To request a change your display name, please email your request to the IT Helpdesk at helpdesk@brenau.edu along with your 6-digit ID and Birthdate (to authenticate you).

Students:  Your TigerMail email is a temporary email address that should only be used for university business while you are a student.  It will be disabled two terms after your last enrollment.  Never use your Brenau Tiger email address for a recovery email address to personal accounts. Never tie online purchases such as Google or Apple store to a student email account.
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