How do I install a driver for my local printer at home or on my desk?

The CD/DVDs that come with printers are usually full of bloatware that you don't want or need.  Our laptops already have the setting that allow drivers to be installed without admin privileges but you have to follow the correct procedure for it to work:

Add a Local Printer
1. Connect the printer to your computer using the USB cable and turn it on.
2. Open the Settings app from the Start menu.
3. Click Devices.
4. Click Add a printer or scanner.
5. If Windows detects your printer, click on the name of the printer and follow the on-screen instructions to finish the installation. And you're done.

The driver should be detected and installed automatically.   If not - just let us know and we can do a remote control session to see what might be happening.

Creation date: 8/21/2019 12:37 PM      Updated: 8/21/2019 12:37 PM