Important Information Regarding the 1098-T Tuition Statement Form.

How and When will I receive my 1098-T?
** A paper 1098-T Tuition Statement form will be mailed to your home address by January 31st each calendar year.

Education tax credits may be available to you if you are paying education costs for yourself or a student who is a member of your immediate family. Internal Revenue Service (IRS) Form 1098-T enables you to determine if you qualify for one or more of these education tax credits.

Brenau University is required to provide a completed IRS Form 1098-T to all enrolled students for whom a reportable transaction is made, then to report those students, enrollment and summary financial data to the IRS. A reportable transaction is defined as tuition and fees a student must pay to be enrolled in a degree program.

Brenau University reports the amount billed for qualifying tuition and fees in Box 2 of Form 1098-T, and the total amount of scholarships and grants in Box 5 (up to $5,250 of graduate level tuition and fee benefits awarded to Graduate Assistants (GAs) and employees are reported in Box 5 of the IRS Form 1098-T; amounts exceeding $5,250 are reported on IRS Form W-2). Note: The reporting of scholarships and grants on Form 1098-T does not determine the taxability of those payments; it is the student's responsibility, not the University's, to determine the taxability of scholarships, fellowships and/or grants received. While the University may provide you with information about your Form 1098-T, we cannot provide tax or legal advice and therefore cannot determine if you qualify for an education credit. If you believe that you qualify for an education credit, consult your tax advisor, or contact the IRS at 1-800-829-1040.

Brenau University will deliver your completed IRS Form 1098-T to you every year you have a reportable transaction.

In order to provide you with IRS Form 1098-T, and to report your enrollment and financial data to the IRS, the University must have:
Your valid Social Security Number (SSN): while University policy does not require your SSN in the University's admissions process, IRS regulations require us to request your SSN, and you are subject to an IRS penalty if you fail to furnish your correct SSN to us. If the University does not have your valid SSN on file, Brenau University will email you in November or early December to request it. You must use IRS form W-9S, which may be downloaded from the IRS website at, to provide your SSN.Your valid address: in order to ensure timely and accurate reporting of your Form 1098-T each year, please keep all your addresses up to date with the Registrar's Office. To update your address:Log into CampusWeb; Select Personal Information;Select and update as necessary your Addresses & Phones.

For complete information about education tax credits, see the current versions of IRS Publication 970, Tax Benefits for Education, Form
8863, Education Credits, and Form 1040 or 1040A Instructions, or consult your tax advisor. For instructions on completing the form, see the current version of IRS Form 1098-T.

*The University is not required to provide Form 1098-T for: 1) Courses for which no academic credit is offered, even if the student is enrolled in a degree program; 2) Nonresident alien students, unless requested by the student; 3) Students whose qualified tuition and related expenses are entirely waived or paid entirely with scholarships or grants.