What are the policies and procedures for Electronic Purchase Orders?

Electronic Purchase Orders
Policy and Procedures

Below you will find the procedures for entering and approving requisitions in order to obtain a purchase order number.

All purchases over $50.00 require a purchase order number unless prior approval is given by the Executive Vice President.
If there is a purchase order number on an invoice, the Accounting Office will make payment when received. It is the responsibility of the department to notify the Accounting Office of any items not received or damaged. Otherwise, full payment will be made.
Any questions regarding requisition entry or approval should be directed to the Assistant Vice President for Financial Services/Controller, Holly Reynolds, at extension 3134.

Any questions regarding specific purchase orders or invoices should be directed to Accounts Payable, Ann Kilpatrick, at extension 5300.

Entering a requisition:

Log into CampusWeb (http://campus.brenau.edu) using the Faculty Login.
Click on Budget Manager at the top of the screen.
Click on Requisition Entry on the left-hand side of the screen.
Select your vendor by entering one word of the vendors name. (i.e. office for Office Depot, Office Pros, Advanced Office Solutions, etc)

**IMPORTANT: You must either tab over to the Search button or actually click the button with your mouse in order for the vendor search to work.**

Choose your Ship Via method (pick up or delivery) using the pull-down menu.
Choose your Ship To method (the department or Brenau Post Office) using the pull-down menu.
Choose N/A as your FOB method using the pull-down menu.
Enter the quantity of the item you are purchasing in the Quantity box.
Enter the catalog number, item number, or other identification number in the Catalog Number box (If there is no number available, please enter N/A).

Enter a description of the item.

**Be aware that you must enter each separate type of item individually. For example, you cannot enter Misc. office supplies as one line. You will need to list pens separately from staples, etc.**

Choose an issue (Each) from the drop-down menu.
Enter the unit price.
Choose the account number to be expensed from the drop-down menu.
Continue entering each additional item on the requisition until complete.
Add any comments for your supervisor to the comments box.
Click the Verify and Save Button.

If you missed a step or there is an error, you will receive an error message in red. Make the corrections needed and click the Verify and Save Button.

Once your requisition comes back with no errors, click the Submit Button.

Depending on your purchasing level, you will either receive the purchase order number or you will receive a message stating that the requisition has been forwarded to your supervisor for approval. If you receive a message, your supervisor with be notified via email that they have a requisition needing approval.

If the requisition was forwarded to your supervisor, you will receive a notification email with the final approval and the purchase order number.

**Your purchase order number will not correspond with your requisition number. Be sure that you give the vendor the purchase order number. **

You can go in and check the status of your requisition any time by clicking on the Requisition Approval link on the left-hand side of the screen.
You can recall a requisition at any time up to the point of final approval by clicking the requisition number under the Requisition Approval link and clicking the recall button.
You may make changes and edit that requisition until the purchase requisition is approved.
You may also void any requisition that you originate by recalling it and clicking the Void button until approved.

Approving a Requisition:

You will receive an email notifying you of a requisition request along with the requisition number.
Log into CampusWeb (http://campus.brenau.edu).
Click the Budget Manager link at the top of the screen.
Click the Requisition Approval link on the left-hand side of the screen.
Click the requisition number that corresponds to the email that you received.
Review the information.
Add any additional comments if desired.

If the amount of the requisition falls into your purchasing level, you will be able to click an Approved or Return button. If not, you will be able to click the Forward or Return button to send the requisition on to your supervisor.

Clicking the Return button will send the requisition back to the originator. Be sure to add your reason for return in the comment box.

If you give final approval, the originator will be sent a notification email with the purchase order number.