How do I grant my parent or parent(s) acces to CampusWEB?

Subject: Parent/Employer Access
This works not only for parents, but students using tuition
reimbursement may want to utilize this utility also. Did you know that you can give up to 4 people
different levels of access to your CampusWEB account? You can! It does require you to give that
person your student id-no.

This is how it works:

Log into your CampusWEB account ( and click:

My Parent Access:

The rest is self explanatory. You can identify up to four different individuals
to CampusWEB and tell CampusWEB what they can view. For example, identify the 1st
individual as work you would record a pin for that individual in CampusWEB.
Students can set up access for their employer, their parent(s), their Aunt Sally anyone! If you
choose to end one of the access accounts, just log into CampusWEB, click my parent access and
delete the account information for that individual and then they will no longer have the access.

If you utilize this utility, we highly recommend that you change your pin (""My PIN"" on the menu) from the default. This keeps
your CampusWEB secure!

When they need to see your records they just go to (Please note they need to enter the FULL address - do not send them to
LoginID: (Your Student ID)

PIN: (The PIN you created for them above - do NOT give them your personal PIN)
Be sure to test it yourself first.