I am a new student or returning after two semesters off and I can't login to CampusWEB. What do I do?

CampusWeb pin generation for new students:
In order to access CampusWEB, students must meet with an adviser. The advisement session will either be in person, phone, video-conference, email, etc. When satisfied with the advisement session, the adviser will locate the student in the CampusWEB student directory and generate the student’s CampusWEB access pin. The student may then log into CampusWEB and enter/submit their registration.

If you need assistance reaching your adviser please contact your school using the numbers below:

770-538-4700 - School of Business and Mass Communication
770-534-6200 - School of Education
770-538-4764 - School of Fine Arts and Humanities
770-718-5304 - School of Health and Science

In some cases, the student must submit a paper registration form for their 1st registration rather than register via CampusWEB. After the registration is posted, a CampusWEB pin will be generated within 1 business day. If your CampusWEB pin is not generated within 1 business day of registration, please contact the Registrar's Office at registrar@brenau.edu or 770-534-6203 between 8:30AM and 5:00PM, Monday through Friday.

These processes were developed to ensure that all new students meet with their adviser at the beginning of their program. Students are encouraged to meet with their adviser on a regular basis.

CampusWEB pin generation for returning students (with an enrollment lapse):
If the student has an enrollment lapse of more than one semester, but less than two years, the CampusWEB pin will be reactivated by the Registrar’s Office during the reactivation process. If the student does not qualify for reactivation, and must go through the readmission process, the CampusWEB process for new students is described above.