How does the Grade Book work in Canvas?

Using the Gradebook:

The Canvas Gradebook is a fully featured management tool that allows instructors to: 
  • Simultaneously view grade information across all courses.
  • Be notified when assignments submitted.
  • Notify students when an assignment has been graded.
  • View Grade history and revert updated assignment scores to previous scores.
  • Download or upload Grades as a CSV file.
  • Utilize offline grading capability by downloading assignment submissions into a zip file and upload when connectivity is available.
  • Block students from viewing their grades until they are published.
  • Create custom weighting and grade ranges.
  • View a report of all historical grade changes.
  • Message students whom haven't submitted an assignment yet.
  • Message students who scored more than X or less than Y on an assignment.
  • Leave private grading notes/comments for the student.