How do I get discounts on computers, mobile phones, or Internet?

Mobile Phones  



All you need to do is go to the premier website for Brenau Employees and Students at to register.



Brenau has a discount program in place with Verizon with savings of 18%. If you have service or are interested in new service just visit:

and register your Brenau University Email account. Verizon will send you a confirmation email and allow you to complete the process.


Apple offers discounts to anyone with a .EDU email address (which would be all Brenau Faculty, Staff, and Students).  The URL for higher education purchasing is

Internet Access

Some Internet providers offer low-cost versions of their services.  For example: 

Please keep in mind that the speeds provided with these services are not the fastest but should provide you enough for classwork.

In addition to vendor efforts, the FCC has set up a program called the Affordable Connectivity Program to assist low-income users with Internet access.  You can read more about low-income options for broadband here:

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