How can I get more than one PowerPoint slide on a page?

1. Open the PowerPoint Presentation (these are files that end in .ppt)

2. Click File > Print or in Office 2007/10/13 Click the Windows Medallion and Hover Print and Click on Print from the right menu. Please look at the Printer in the Name field.

3. Under the heading ""Print What"" change the drop-down to ""Handouts"" > You can change the ""Slides per page"" and the order.

4. To ""Duplex"" (print on both sides of the paper), click on the ""Properties"" button and under ""Duplex"" change it to ""Open to left"" for portrait paper or ""Open to top"" for landscape paper.

5. Click ""OK"" if you are done with the properties

6. Click ""OK"" to start the printing.