How can I email my class outside of Canvas?

To e-mail your class without using Canvas:

The CampusWEB roster is your offical roster updated by the registrar to reflects adds and drops. Your Canvas roster is imported daily to match CampusWEB, but the CampusWEB roster is the 'official' roster source.

Log in to CampusWeb (from, click on the link that says CampusWeb).

* Log in to CampusWeb (log in is your faculty ID number - available on your pay stub)
* Choose the 'my rosters' link from the list on the left side of the page
* Choose the link for the class you would like to e-mail
* Once the table with student names appears, page to the bottom of the table and find a blue link that says e-mail class. You can email using an online form or using a Mailto: link. You can try them both to see which works best for you.