How do I reset the password for one of my Brenau accounts because it is not allowing me to log in?

To reset or view the passwords for your various Brenau accounts:

Login to

The log in credentials for CampusWEB are explained at this link.

After you log into CampusWEB do the following:
Click on the link "My Accounts" on the left side of the page
This page provides you with your usernames and your passwords for the systems we use at Brenau. You will see a link to reset your password.

The default password configuration is as follows for email, Canvas& CampusWEB:
Your password is the first letter of your first name, plus the MMDD digits of your birthday, plus the first letter of your last name, plus ""1!"" (a number 1 plus an exclamation point). For example, if your name is Jane Smith and your MMDD is 0402 then your password would be "j0402s1!". PLEASE CHANGE THIS PASSWORD TO A MORE SECURE VALUE IMMEDIATELY AFTER LOGGING IN FOR THE FIRST TIME.

Note: If you reset your email or network password in CampusWEB, regardless of when your account was created, your password will reset to a randomly generated password.

The video link below explains how to retrieve your ID and pin if you can't log into CampusWEB because you don't remember your credentials:

If you don't know if we have your current personal email on file you can email the registrar to update it at