What Is My Brenau Email Address?

In June of 2009 Brenau email for students and faculty/staff was split into two domains:
  1. Student email addresses use username@tiger.brenau.edu
  2. Faculty and staff email address use username@brenau.edu
The typical format for usernames are:  first letter of first name + last name + number


Alice Smith becomes asmith14 when Alice is admitted and 13 other asmith usernames have previously been asigned.  If Alice is a student then her email address would be asmith@tiger.brenau.edu.

Your username and your email address) can be looked up by logging into CampusWEB and clicking on My Accounts in the left-hand column.

CampusWEB login credentials are:
Username:   6-digit ID
Password:    8 charter PIN/Password by the Registrar's office

Both 6-digit ID and PIN/Password are recoverable by clicking on the approprite link on the sign-in page.