I need to change or recover my password for my e-mail, Campusweb, and Canvas. 

Recover/Reset Passwords

The best way to recover your credentials is to log into CampusWEB at https://campus.brenau.edu. If you look at the bottom if the page you'll see options to recover both your StudentID and PIN.

Once you've logged into CampusWEB click MY ACCOUNTS and you will see all your account information and have ability to reset the passwords if necessary.

Please re-open this ticket by replying to this email if you need further assistance with this issue.

Change Passwords

To change your password - use the following methods depending on which system you are using:

Brenau Email
Log into email at https://mail.google.com. Click SETTINGS - ACCOUNTS - CHANGE ACCOUNT SETTINGS - CHANGE PASSWORD.

Log into Canvas at https://brenau.instructure.com. Click SETTINGS - Click EDIT SETTINGS - Check off Change Password box - type current password once - type new password twice in spaces provided, then click Update Settings button.

Click CONTROL-ALT-DELETE - choose CHANGE PASSWORD at any lab computer to Brenau workstation. Alternatively - you can visit this site: https://campus.brenau.edu/iisadmpwd/aexp2b.asp

Click MY PIN after loggin in.