I can't seem to print at all. Why?

Below are some important questions about the status of your printer:

For Network Printers

Did you turn your printer off the night before? If so, check to make sure your printer is on.

Are you sure that your computer is printing to the printer you want?

What is the name of the printer in the print dialogue box when you select print?

Is the printer you are trying to print to a network printer or is it connected to another computer?

If it is a network printer, try logging out and logging in again to reset the connection to the server.

If it is a printer connected to someone else's computer, make sure that the computer to which it is connected is on.

Do you get an error ""Printer out of paper"" or does the printer just sit and act like it wants to print, but nothing is coming out? Check the printer to make sure there is paper in the paper tray.

Check the lights on the printer to see if one green light is on. If a red/orange light is on then there is either a paper jam, it's out of paper or it's out of toner.

Have you set Page Size to A4 in the Page Setup? To check this choose ""Select All"" (usually under Edit) and select page set up. Ensure A4 is selected as page size.

Is what you are trying to print a document from the internet or a web site? If it is, you may have to highlight the text from the site, copy it, and paste it into a word document to print it. There are some sites that do not like to print at this time. Turn the printer off for about ten seconds and then on again.

If this fails, try restarting the computer or try another computer or try printing to another printer.

Non-networked printer: Try printing a small document. Check that all the cables are correctly plugged in. Check that the printer is turned on. Check that the printer is correctly chosen in the Print menu. Turn both the printer and the computer off. Restart the printer and then the computer and reselect the printer.