Purchasing Instructions

The attached quote is valid for 30 days pending availability and is subject to change without notice.

Please provide the information outlined in the instructions below. Changes to your order will require a new quote.

Steps to complete process:
  1. Obtain an Approved Purchase Order Number.
  2. Once the PO number is approved, please reply to this email or add it to your helpdesk ticket. If you use a Non-Budgeted Account Purchase Order, Please provide a copy of the approval along with the PO number.
  3. Please Reference to whom the equipment/software will be for if not previously specified in your request.
  4. Provide location where the equipment/software is to be deployed if not specified in your request. (EX.Building name and Room Number

Requirements per Policy:
- It is important that you provide the vendor quote number or cart name in the comments field of your CampusWEB purchase order. No purchases will be approved without a quote number or cart name in the comments field.

You can view the full purchase policy at (IT-03) Technology Hardware Procurement Policy

Please note that desktop printers are subject to a specific policy at https://archive.brenau.edu/policywonk/uploads/20190711114827.IT-11-Desktop%20Printer%20Procurement%20Policy%20(1).pdf