Purchasing Instructions

The quote requested has been attached to this ticket for your convenience. This quote is valid for 30 days pending availability and is subject to change without notice. When you're ready to place your order please provide the information outlined in the instructions below. If you need to make a change to a quote please make the request in your ticket and a new quote will be issued. Please note that quotes are not to be changed in any way without requesting a new quote to be issued. Changing quantities or items on a quote will render the quote invalid.

Steps to complete process:
  1. Obtain Approved PO:
  2. Provide PO for order: Once the PO is approved, please remember to add it to this ticket. Without a PO we cannot place the order. (If you use a Non-Budgeted Account Purchase Order, Please provide a copy of the approval along with the PO number).
  3. Please Reference to whom the equipment/software will be for.
  4. Provide location where the equipment/software is to be deployed. (EX.Building name and Room Number

Requirements per Policy:
- It is important that you provide the vendor quote # or cart name in the comments field of your CampusWEB purchase order. No purchases for technology hardware or software will be approved without a quote # or cart name in the comments field. This number verifies that the request for equipment has been reviewed and approved by the IT department.
-This is a friendly reminder that all technologies specified in IT Procurement Policy (IT-03) must be requested through the IT department. Please do not purchase university IT equipment without getting a quote from the IT department or you may be forced to return the equipment for a refund. We follow this procedure to ensure that the hardware and software being purchased will be compatible with our existing systems and will receive all of the discounts, tax exclusions and free shipping that we receive through our established vendors. Thank you for your assistance in following these procedures.

You can view the full policy at http://goo.gl/d7kM9D

Please note that desktop printers are subject to a specific policy at http://goo.gl/CNrU3Z

If we can be of more assistance please let us know.

Thank you,