How do I install SnagIT on my computer?

There are 2 options to install Snagit.

Option 1  (Brenau-owned computers)
Brenau owned computers click the Start Button then All Programs go to Microsoft System Center 2012 then Software Center. Click to check SnagIt then click Install. You can install without Administrator privileges and will not see any activity while installing, could take longer on a slow or wireless connection. At the end you can register with your Brenau email address.

Option 2  (Your personal computer)
Snagit Download:
(Note: You must have admin privileges on your computer to install)

Please follow this link for important instructions on how to complete the licensing process:

SnagIT License key:
Available upon request

The key in this email will unlock Snagit on either operating system: Windows or Mac.

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