Where is AutoCorrect in Microsoft Word?

You have to Click the Microsoft Office Button , and then click Word Options. Click Customize. Click Commands Not in the Ribbon in the Choose commands from list, click AutoCorrection Options, and then click Add.This adds a button at the top of the screen with a lightning bolt. Click this to add words into your autocorrect dictionary.AutoComplete (automatic dictionary)has been disabled in Word due to the enormous quantity of Building Blocks (the expanded successor to AutoText) that would otherwise cause AutoComplete to occur just about all the time.

Now, what do I do?After you have added word you can start typing in the document. All you have to type is the letters you indicated in the dictionary and then hit the spacebar and it will replace it with the correct it.There is still no AutoComplete display, but typing any Word separator (space, period, comma, etc.) will trigger that automatic change from the short name into the expanded form.