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My bandwidth at home is terrible and affecting my Zoom sessions

We can offer a few tips that might help move you in the right direction:

1. Check your Internet bill and determine your current tier of Internet service (call them if you can't figure it out).  Then, move your laptop or PC as close to the wireless router as possible and go to www.speedtest.net.  This website will show your actual download and upload speeds.  Now compare those values with what you were promised by your Internet Service Provider.  If the SpeedTest numbers are significantly lower (30% or more) than what you are paying for them contact your Internet Service Provider to see what they can do to improve your connection. 

2. Turn off your Video unless you absolutely need everyone to see you.  Video uses for more bandwidth than audio and is much less important to most meetings.  You will still be able to see everyone else as well as any presentations.

3.  Use the voice dial-in number included with every Zoom call.  This way your audio uses the phone network and not the Internet which may improve your experience.

4.  If you are on wifi at home - try moving closer to the wireless access point or router in your home and see if the bandwidth improves.  Sometimes the problem is just a poor wifi connection in your home.  Most routers even have a place to plug in your computer if you have a patch cord.

5.  If it is safe for you to come to your office (or another location with better Internet) and transmit from there in isolation, that should also resolve the issue.   However, this might not be possible based on your situation.

Those are our recommendations.  Please let us know if you have further questions or concerns.
Creation date: 3/20/2020 12:45 PM (candrews@brenau.edu)      Updated: 3/20/2020 12:53 PM (candrews@brenau.edu)