My Account Is Disabled

Student accounts are created for students to communicate with Brenau faculty and staff, access course work, utilize research resources, and view student records.  When students are no longer enrolled in classes or have graduated, their account is disabled two semesters after enrollment ends.

Former students and alumni are still able to access CampusWEB to make payments, download tax documents, or access transcripts by logging directly into CampusWEB using the Alumni portal at  

Students may also view why their account may have been disabled by logging into their CampusWEB account and clicking on My Holds.  This will show any restrictions that the Registrar's office has placed on their account and lead to the account being disabled.

The CampusWEB Alumni portal uses the students 6-digit student ID as the username.  The CampusWEB PIN/Password can be recovered by entering your 6-digit Student ID and clicking on Forgot PIN/Password button.  The PIN will be emailed to your personal email address that is on record with Brenau.

Former students who are desiring to resume enrollment during the next semester may request that their account be reactivated by filling out the form at this link

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