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How-To Get Microsoft Office 365 For Your Personal Computer

Step-By-Step Instructions

Please Note: this site is under development. Not all links work at this time.

Create Microsfot Office Account
  1. Go to Microsoft's Office in Education website.

  2. Enter your Tiger email address and click Get Started button

  3. Click on I'm a student

  4. Login to your Tiger email in a separate web browser tab and retrieve the security code that was sent to you by Microsoft.

  5. Complete the form including the security code that you received by email.

  6. Microsoft will prompt you that they need more information.

  7. You can either provide a cell phone number to receive text messages or a personal email address for password recovery.

  8. You will be taken to your account page after entering the security code that was sent to your preferred password recovery option.

  9. Click on the Install Office link and then select Office 365 Apps

  10. Click the Close button on the pop-up window, then open the Microsoft Office installer program (Setup.Def.en-us_O...exe)

  11. Click Yes when prompted to allow Microsoft to make changes to your computer.

  12. You will see the Microsoft Office installation program open. You need to remain connected to the Internet while the program downloads. You will be prompted when the program completes installation of Microsoft Office 365.

  13. After Microsoft Office installation completes, search for Word and run it. You will be prompted to sign-in to Microsoft Office 365. Enter your Tiger email address and your Microsoft Office account password.
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