Slow Internet / Low Bandwidth Issues

Bandwidth from home internet service providers is often limited to one provider.  Many providers offer plans with different bandwidth speeds.  It is always recommended to subscribe to the fastest speed offered by your provider.

Often internet service  providers do not guarantee the minimum connection speed.  Service plans are normally based upon the maximum speed available.  You can test your internet speed by using a speed test site like: .  After testing your speed, compare it to your plan and then contact the support team to see if they are able to test your home connection at no cost.

Here are tips that might help improve internet performance:
  1. Limit the use of streaming services on other devices while participating in online classes and meetings.
  2. Turn off your video in online classes or meetings unless needed.  Video uses more bandwidth than audio and is less important to most meetings.
  3. Use the voice dial-in number included with every Zoom call. This way your audio uses the phone network and not the internet which may improve your experience.
  4. If you are on Wi-Fi, try moving closer to the wireless access point or router in your home and see if the bandwidth improves.
  5. Use an ethernet cable to connect to your router/modem.
Creation date: 7/28/2020 2:51 PM      Updated: 1/3/2024 3:46 PM
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