How do I get Office365 for my personal computer?

If you are a student, you can get the ONLINE ONLY version of Office365 for free at this location:

(Please note this is only for the online editions of Office at  If you want the downloaded/installed versions of Office 365, they will come at an additional cost and has to be purchased directly from Microsoft.)

For Faculty/Staff, please use the following:

Type in your Brenau issued Tiger eMail address or Brenau employee email address , then proceed to enter your password after clicking next. If you have forgotten your password there is an option to recover access to your account by clicking the forgot password link. Follow those steps to log back into your Office 365 dashboard.   PLEASE NOTE THAT FOR STUDENTS THIS PASSWORD IS NOT RELATED TO YOUR ACTUAL BRENAU ACCOUNT - THE PASSWORD IS SPECIFIC TO MICROSOFT.  FOR FACULTY/STAFF, THE PASSWORD IS YOUR BRENAU PASSWORD.