I'm Having Problems Logging Into My Account (for Students)


Students will login to three (3) different servers between the time that they apply for enrollment and begin taking classes:
  1. http://apply.brenau.edu - this server handles student applications
  2. http://campus.brenau.edu - this server holds student records
  3. http://my.brenau.edu - this server authenticates students so that they can access email and course work


If students have problems logging into http://apply.brenau.edu after they create an account on the server, they should contact admissions@brenau.edu for assistance.  Admissions will be able to assist with login or document upload issues.


Students will not be able to login to this server until after they have been accepted to Brenau University.  The Admissions office will issue the student a 6-digit ID and generate a password PIN so that the student can login to submit paperwork and make a deposit.  The PIN is created by the student's advisor.  If the student does not have a PIN and needs to complete enrollment forms they should contact the advisor to receive the PIN.

More detailed information on logging into CampusWEB can be found in this KB article:


Students will have a username created by the Brenau IT Helpdesk after they have completed all of the enrollment steps including submitting their deposit.  Student accounts are created automatically once their status is shown as being an active student based on the Registrar's database.  The student will receive an email from the Brenau IT Helpdesk once their account is created.

Students should not attempt to setup their password prior to receiving and email from the IT Helpdesk because they will only receive an error message when attempting to complete First Time User with an inactive account.  If it has been more than two (2) business days since you have completed submitting all required paperwork and have made your deposit, please email the Helpdesk at helpdesk@brenau.edu for assistance.  Be sure to include your 6-digit student ID in the email.

More detailed information on logging into CampusWEB can be found in this KB article:
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