How Do I Hook Up My Telephone When I Change Offices

How Do I Hook Up My Telephone When I Change Offices ?

Brenau office phones are called IP (Internet Protocol) phones.  They are connected to an ethernet Internet port in your office.  These ports have 8 connectors (or pins) in the wall plate, do not use the 4 pin connections that our old telephones used that were connected to a PBX system.  The most common IP phone that Brenau uses are the Yealink T432G model.

IP phones use VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) so the telephone needs an ethernet port in your office to work.  Since most offices have only one ethernet Internet port, your telephone and computer will have to shave the same wall jack.

To connect your telephone, locate an ethernet cable of suitable length to reach from where it will be placed in your office to the ethernet jack on the wall.  This cable is then connect to the port labeled Internet on the back of the phone.  Next locate an ethernet cable of suitable length to reach from the telephone to your computer.  This cable in then connected to the port labeled PC on the back of the telephone.  When you are finished with the two cables, one will go from the wall jack to the telephone and the other will go from the telephone to the computer.

Most offices will have power that will come over the ethernet cable that will power up the telephone.  But it is a good idea to use the power adapter that came with the telephone so that you are sure the telephone will always have power.  Once both the ethernet and power cables are connected to the wall sources, you should see the LCD screen light on the telephone.  The telephone is fully operational when you have the time, date and extension displaying in the center of the LCD screen.

To make sure that your computer has Internet, make sure that you have connected the ethernet cable from the telephone port on the back of the telephone that is labeled PC to the ethernet port on the computer.  Ethernet cables should have a small plastic clip on the plugs.  Make sure that they clips are snapped into the plug to prevent them for accidentally coming out.

If you have problems getting your telephone connected, please call the Helpdesk at 770-538-4774 for assistance.
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