Can My Account Be Reactivated

Brenau student login accounts ares disabled after the student fails to register for a second consecutive semester.  Due to federal regulations that were enacted during the Obama administration, student email is now included as part of the account deactivation (locking) process when the student stops actively seeking an education at Brenau.

Once an account is deactivated, all new email goes to a dead letter box that can not be retrieved.  The only email that is accessible is email that was received prior to the account being deactivated.

No human action is needed for account activations and deactivations.  Servers communicating with the Registrar's database of "current students" automatically make all the changes.  This automatic synchronization (updating) occurs several times a day, so that any account change manually made by a human is automatically defeated in a few hours during the next automatic update.

Since it can take several hours for the student's new status change to be updated across all of the different servers which contain student accounts, it is very difficult to retrieve any information before the next synchronization takes place and deactivates the account.  For this reason, students are reminded when graduating that they must export any information they want to keep before their accounts are deactivated.
Creation date: 1/8/2022 12:01 PM      Updated: 1/8/2022 12:01 PM