How do I install SPSS on my computer?

Brenau does not currently have a campus license for SPSS. In order to obtain SPSS, you can purchase it directly from Please note that IBM requires SPSS be licensed annually so you may need to repeat this process every year depending on how often you use it. It is requested that you only license the software if it is absolutely required for a class or other job function.

Before you can purchase anything at, you will need an account. Click "Register" on their login page at and then select "With a school-issued email address (e.g. a ".edu" address)" when prompted. Once you enter your Brenau email you'll get a confirmation link via email you can click to activate your account. The account is completely separate from any of your Brenau accounts so please do not contact the Helpdesk for login assistance to this site. They do have a "forgot password" link on their login page so you can recover your password.

Faculty will need to inform their students of the new process if their class requires SPSS. Students will need to purchase ($84.99) the "Grad Pack Standard" 12-month license which is located here (please note that 6-month licenses are also available for $54.99):

Students who need assistance can contact OnTheHub support at this site:

Faculty/staff will need to purchase ($260) the "Faculty Pack" 12-month license which is located at the link below. Faculty/staff can receive reimbursement by submitting an approved Check Request (which can be found on the intranet under HR Forms and Documents or on the ADP website) along with your receipt to the Business Office but you will need to purchase yourself first Account to charge for reimbursement is 10-5055-706. Reimbursements must be approved by the VP for Financial Services.

Faculty/staff and students can request installation assistance at You will receive the license key and software directly from Please do not contact the Helpdesk requesting either the software or the license key as they can only assist with the actual installation of the software.
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