What are the requirements for watching cable TV?

Brenau University students have access to a wide selection of both standard and high definition digital channels. If you are going to bring a TV for use in your room, you must bring a television with a QAM-capable digital tuner if you intend to use the cable service we provide. Many televisions built in the last 8 years or so should have a QAM-capable digital tuner and you can verify it by reading the technical specifications before purchasing it. The televisions which will definitely NOT work are the old tube-type television sets as well as brands like Element, Insignia, and Westinghouse. Finally, please be sure to do a full channel scan on your television after it has been connected.

If you need a QAM tuner for a TV that does not have QAM, this is the model we currently recommend:


Please see the attached document for more information.
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