I've been given permissions to edit a page on the Intranet, what do I do now?

To edit the page do the following:
1.  Visit intranet.brenau.edu and click the LOG IN link at the bottom of the page
2.  Select Google as the login source (there is only one option)
3.  Once logged in, go to the web page you wish to edit
4.  Click the EDIT PAGE link at the top of the screen
5.  It should be intuitive from there how to edit the page.  If you hover over page areas, you should see a box pop up with an edit icon.  Clicking on that will allow you to edit that portion of the page.
6. Click UPDATE at the right side of the page when you are done editing the page
Creation date: 4/20/2023 10:06 AM      Updated: 4/20/2023 10:06 AM