How do I install Microsoft Project for my business class?

Some classes will require that you install Microsoft Project on a Windows computer. In order to obtain the software, you will need to follow these procedures:

1. Visit this website:
2. Enter your Brenau username and password when prompted
3. Click "Sign In" once you are at the Microsoft Imaging Login Page (it should show your correct Brenau email address)
4. Find Microsoft Project in the Microsoft Imagine Store and click on it

5. Click "Add to Cart"
6. Proceed to download the software to your computer
7. Once downloaded - you can follow the instructions on the attached PDF to burn the ISO/IMG file to a disc and install the software by running "setup.exe" on the DVD disc or USB drive (whichever you used during the burn process).

Note: If prompted for a license key, visit your Microsoft Imagine account, click on your Email address, and click "Your Account/Orders". From there you can select on Microsoft Project and it will show your personal product license key.

Alternatively, if you are on a Mac or another device which cannot run Microsoft Project, you can access it via Brenau's Virtual lab environment at This video demonstrates the process:
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