How Do I Login To CampusWEB?

The login process to CampusWEB varies depending upon your status.  Please use the login steps that reflects your current status:


Applicants may need to log in to CampusWEB before their CampusWEB account is created for the purpose of accepting financial aid.  Please refer to this KB article for assistance on information on logging into CampusWEB:


During the enrollment process, students my need to login to CampusWEB prior to having their Student Login Account created by the Brenau IT department.  To login to CampusWEB without a student account, please to  Enter your 6-digit ID and CampusWEB PIN.  If you have not received your PIN, please call the Registrar's office at (770) 534-6203 to have it created. 


Students access CampusWEB by logging into the Single Sign-On (SSO) portal at however new students have to complete the First Time User to set up their password.  If you have never signed in to the student portal, please read this KB article for information on logging in:


Active students are directed to log in to CampusWEB by using the Single Sign-On (SSO) portal at and clicking on the CampusWEB app icon on the dashboard page.
  1. Go to
  2. Enter your Brenau username and password
  3. Click on the CampusWEB web app icon
If you have problem logging in, please go to this KB article for assistance:


Former student accounts are disabled, but still can login to CampusWEB using the following steps:
  1. Go to
  2. Enter your 6-digit ID and PIN (there are recovery options at the bottom of the page if you've forgotten either or both)


Parents, guardians, employers can log into CampusWEB if the student has created a log in for that person.  Have your student setup a login account for you by using the following KB article:

Then follow the steps below:
  1. Go to
  2. Enter the 6-digit ID and PIN given you by your student